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Do your teeth, gums, and jaw ever ache for no apparent reason? We are not talking tooth pain like, I haven’t brushed my teeth in several weeks tooth pain, but instead, my teeth, gums, and jaw have a constant dull aching for no apparent reason. If so, you may benefit significantly from a Bite Guard. Bite Guards are dental appliances used to protect your teeth in different situations. Dentists use Bite Guards for patients in a variety of different circumstances. They are appropriate for both kids, and adults. There are varying qualities of Bite Guards.

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How Custom Fitted Bite Guards Work

You can likely buy a mouth guard from your local grocery store and give the DIY option a whirl, but if you want your Bite Guard to do what it is supposed to do, we strongly suggest having your mouth guard fitted to your teeth!

A custom-fitted mouth guard typically consists of having an impression taken by your local dentist, and then sending that impression to a lab so that they can make up a Bite Guard that fits precisely to your teeth and that does what the guard is intended to do. Loose fitting or improperly fitted Bite Guards can be incredibly frustrating.

Reasons that Your Dentist Might Prescribe a Bite Guard

Here are the two main reasons that Dr. Miles prescribes Bite Guards to our patients:

Protect your tongue, teeth, and cheeks from injury during high impact activities. This type of mouth guard would be a sports mouth guard which you can read more about here.

Protect your teeth from nighttime clenching and grinding. This type of Bite Guard would be more of a traditional Bite Guard.

Caring for Your Bite Guard

Taking care of a Bite Guard does not require a whole lot of work. If you rinse it with water, a soft toothbrush, and toothpaste before putting it in and after taking it out, you will be most of the way there. On occasion, you will also want to rinse it with soap and warm water, but if you keep up on brushing it daily, this will only need to be done about once per month, or possibly even less.

When your bite guard is not in your mouth, it is best to store it in a well-ventilated container that will not be exposed to drastic temperature fluctuations as that may cause the guard to lose its shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I need a bite guard?

Several situations warrant a mouth guard. These can range from needing a specific mouth guard for athletic activities, to issues with clenching or grinding your teeth at night. If you are in Anchorage, Alaska, finding a qualified dentist in Anchorage like Dr. Miles would be a significant first step in discovering whether or not you could benefit from having a custom fitted Bite Guard.

Is being fitted for a dental mouth guard painful?

The process of fitting a mouth guard to your teeth is relatively painless. Your dentist will take impressions and then send them to the lab, and then the dentist will receive your custom guards back from the lab. It is a very straightforward process!

How long will my mouth guard last?

Mouth guards can last for as long as several years, to as short as only a few months. There are several things that you should be aware of before you set your expectations on how long your guard will last. First, the life of your guard may vary greatly depending on how you care for it. If you toss it in your drawer when you take it out, it could easily get bent out of shape. Second, the life of your mouth guard will vary depending on the severity of your clenching or grinding. Finally, the life of your mouth guard can vary depending on how much your teeth shift. You will want to continue working hand in hand with your dentist to make sure your Bite Guard continues to do what you want it to do.

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