Clear Correct Braces

Clear Correct Invisible Braces in Anchorage

Clear Correct and other similar procedures like Invisalign have been around for years. Their popularity continues to increase because of the results that they achieve and the convenience that they provide. These reasons make us super excited to offer Clear Correct here at Delaney Park Dental!

Clear Correct is Dr. Miles’ preferred solution for straightening teeth quickly and discreetly. Much like Invisalign, these clear aligners are easily removable and are many of our patients’ desired way to straighten their teeth. Clear Correct can be used to move teeth that stick out further than other teeth, close gaps, change the orientation of teeth and more. Their versatility, combined with their ease of use and affordability make Clear Correct an excellent option for many patients!

Woman putting on clear correct braces

Braces vs. Clear Correct

Having teeth that are not aligned correctly can cause many issues ranging from poor self-confidence to increased decay, and even problems eating. So getting poorly aligned teeth straightened is almost never the question; instead, people want to know whether braces or Clear Correct are the better option for them when it comes to Orthodontics.

The answer depends on what exactly your smile needs. While Clear Correct can fix many problems, there are still some things that we refer to an orthodontist because they will be better suited for complete braces. Schedule a consult with Dr. Miles today by clicking the button below. He will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for Clear Correct!

What are the Benefits of Invisible Braces or Clear Braces?

There are a few main benefits to clear braces or invisible braces. First, they are clear, so you don’t have to deal with all of the metal being visible every time you smile. Second, they are smoother than traditional braces, so they are typically more comfortable than metal braces. Third, they are often less expensive than traditional braces. Lastly, clear aligners are removable, so if you have an important date, or if you want to eat some food without having to worry about it catching in the braces, you can take the aligners out and replace them when you are finished. These factors often make Clear Correct or Invisalign a preferred choice among patients.

Is Clear Correct a Safe Option?

Clear Correct is considered to be very safe. It is minimally invasive, and rarely requires any cutting or numbing at all. If the patient’s gums and teeth are in good health, there are very rarely any complications when it comes to clear aligners. They are overall, a very safe and effective way of aligning your teeth and helping you be proud of your smile!

How Do I Know if I am a Good Candidate?

Good candidates for Clear Correct typically want to enhance the look of their smile by straightening one or more teeth. Ideal candidates should have healthy gums and roots as moving teeth can put too much pressure on teeth that do not have a stable foundation.

If you’re curious to know whether clear braces are an excellent choice for you, give our team at Delaney Park Dental a call today at (907)276-7787. We will happily see you in our office for a consultation to determine whether or not Clear Correct is a good option for you!