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Immaculate Cosmetic Dental Procedures Can Help You Smile With Confidence

There is compelling evidence that smiling causes a person to be happier. Do you ever hold back a smile because you are self-conscious about the way that your teeth look? Here at Delaney Park Dental in Anchorage, AK, we hope that the answer to this question for all of our patients is no! We want you to smile! We want you to be happy! If there is something you don’t love about your smile, request a cosmetic consult with Dr. Miles by filling out the form below! LET US HELP YOU LOVE SMILING AGAIN! Learn more about our dental office in Anchorage.

What Makes Something a Cosmetic Procedure?

Cosmetic dentistry is anything that has to do with changing the appearance of a person’s smile. Many dental procedures can fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry. For example, if a person has significant decay on one of their teeth that also happens to be crooked, a good dentist can make a crown that repairs the damage, and straightens out the tooth. This crown would be cosmetic because it would change the appearance of the smile, but would also be restorative because it would get rid of the decay. Therefore, almost any dental procedure can be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure under the right circumstances.

When You Want Exceptional Cosmetic Dental Procedures, Dr. Miles is an Exceptional Option!

Finding an exceptional cosmetic dentist can be challenging. Experience, education, and skill set all need to be taken into the decision. These exact reasons are some of the reasons that so many people are happy when they find Dr. Miles. He has a great skill set when it comes to providing cosmetic dental procedures, he has some of the best training possible, and he also has extensive experience! Patients feel at ease when Dr. Miles helps them come up with a treatment plan that will help them feel confident in their smile again. The joy that patients have when their treatment is complete is one of the things that we love most about dentistry!
Our Cosmetic Dentistry Team

Cosmetic Options Here at Delaney Park Dental

We offer many cosmetic procedures here in our office for the convenience of our patients. Rest assured that when we provide specific dental treatment in our office, our entire staff has the training and the skills necessary to provide you with excellent care!
Dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and laminates are all methods that Dr. Miles uses to change the look of a tooth or even several teeth. All of these things are just variations of a traditional dental crown although the materials and thicknesses of the material may vary. Dr. Miles will help you understand which will most adequately get you to your desired outcome.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is often used to fix chipped teeth and even fill in small gaps in the teeth. This bonding material is the same material that we use for most fillings, and if the situation is correct, it can be used to enhance the teeth cosmetically. It often amazes people just how much can be done with composite bonding.
Teeth whitening is among the fastest ways to enhance the look of your smile. It is also minimally invasive, which is why so many people love whitening their teeth. You can whiten your teeth in one to two weeks revealing a drastically improved smile!
Many people don’t love their smiles because their teeth are not perfectly straight. Luckily, we offer Clear Correct Braces in our office! Clear Correct is a clear aligner system that allows patients to straighten their teeth inconspicuously. Patients love how well they work and also the fact that they don’t have to get complete braces to straighten their teeth.
Dental implants are the ideal method for tooth replacement. A titanium screw functions as the root, and it is fastened into the jaw bone. Once the screw heals, Dr. Miles will attach a beautiful crown. Implants work very similarly to your natural tooth which brings a tremendous amount of joy to patients who can eat their favorite foods again after the procedure.

Smile Makeover

Many patients are in need of multiple procedures to restore their smile. Many of these are the result of injury or illness. Whatever your situation is, we will never judge! Our primary goal is to help you love smiling again, so we will do everything that we can to help you get there! A smile makeover might include several implants, a few crowns, or even sometimes a bridge or a partial denture. Dr. Miles can help you come up with a treatment plan that will make you proud of your smile! Want to find out exactly what we can do for you? Schedule a cosmetic consult with Dr. Miles today by filling out the form below!

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