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Teeth Cleanings are Important to Your Oral Health

A healthy mouth begins with taking great care of your teeth at home using a toothbrush, floss and mouthwash. But it’s only part of the secret to a successful routine. A visit to the dentist for a professional cleaning is recommended twice a year is important to truly ensure your mouth stays vibrant, healthy and germ free. A cleaning by your dentist will use professional tools to ensure the removal of plaque, tartar and any bacteria build-up that can form over time and you may not be able to efficiently clean yourself at home. A dental cleaning will help protect your mouth from tooth decay, gingivitis or other easily avoidable conditions.

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Keep Up On Your Routine Dental Cleaning in Anchorage, Alaska

Having your teeth cleaned twice a year is one of the best ways to ensure your mouth stays healthy and prevent future issues. Preventative dental care is the cornerstone of Delaney Park Dental. Our very own Dr. Miles embarked on his career as a dentist after a routine visit when he was 21 discovered significant dental issues and inspired him to educate on the importance of dental cleaning and preventative dental care within his community.

Delaney Park Dental is located in Anchorage Alaska and services the greater Anchorage community. We are highly experienced in servicing patients across the entire spectrum of dental needs. We pride ourselves on our whole patient focus, making sure that we treat our patients with the same care and attention that we do our teeth. Our highly trained dentists and dental assistants provide the utmost care when it comes to keeping your teeth sparkling, and addressing any issues that may prevent your mouth from being its healthiest. Our clients include adults of all ages and children as well. If you’re new to the area and want to learn more about our practice, we invite you to give us a call at 907-276-7787.

Why it is Important to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Besides a beautiful white smile, there are many practical reasons to keep your teeth clean. A clean mouth will help prevent cavities and help to reduce plaque, which is an acidic substance that eats away at the tooth enamel. Clean teeth also helps prevent tooth loss by protecting your gums from gum disease, which often starts with a build-up of plaque on your gums. As the gums become infected, it can cause damage to the bones in your jaw, which can often cause teeth to loosen and even fall out. If you enjoy coffee, tea wine, or smoke, a dental cleaning will help remove build-up stains, thus helping to ensure you have a brighter smile. Clean teeth are also key to having fresh breath and avoiding the dreaded halitosis.

Did we mention that the cleaner your teeth are, the more money you’ll likely save? Having your teeth kept clean can allow you address any tooth or gum concerns before they become more serious (and expensive) endeavors. Finally…studies have shown a connection between ones oral health, and the health of their entire body. Quite often, life threatening conditions can be detected in their early stages during a routine visit to your dentist.

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